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I confess; I shop based on font size

There are times when I feel like this is my new reality


I wear glasses/contacts – not at the same time, geesh – it’s not that bad….. yet.


But I am asking you to join my coalition to pressure packaging companies to increase FONT SIZE.  It feels unfair that I should be forced to put in my contacts prior to morning  coffee


So when I get in the shower, I have to ask, how the hell can anyone read these labels?
I have “washed” my hair with conditioner more times than I will admit – who can read this??? The shower is a hazard to my family & fellow workers.  I have pseudo shaved my legs with a razor still sporting the plastic cap – cuz who is gonna run their fingers across the blades, to be sure?  Maybe I should just ask Louise’s waxer to make house calls.
I have allergies, the kind where pieces of cement get into my eyes and unless I can remove my eyeballs to scratch them – I am forced to use these eye drops.  Wanna read these directions for me…..without my contacts….?
BTW – these are the most stingy eye drops ever made – EVER.
Getting dressed post-eye drops, pre-contacts is my fear landscape.  I have my morning routine down to seconds… the days I need to wait 15 min. after the eye stabbing, can be treacherous territory, to be sure
Hair – check
Make-up – check & I’m out the door, right on time.
When I got home, I decided to take off my day face & bought “old school” Ponds cold cream – scooped out a blob – coated my face “Hmmmmm, do I tissue this off or use water & wash cloth?”
Wait for it……
Maybe it’s just me, but if your a distracted housecleaning kinda gal
It’s likely possible these could look the same
Yep – I dusted with Goo-Gone, took the varnish right off my coffee table.  Now it’s worth twice as much and currently featured on “Fixer Upper” as a farm style table.
So I gave up dusting – Fail.
 I decided I would sew, crafting tartan wear for my upcoming trip to Scotland. But….
Would someone please drop by my house and thread this needle?
 Wait, lemma just put my contacts in – uhhhh is there a lens in that case?
 The eye doctor told me the stronger the lens RX, the less manufacturers use tint?  I felt like he was punking me – so the more blind, the less visible the lens….FACT.


This is my answer to that logic:
 I just don’t feel ready for a white cane. I blame the labeling industry for making me resort to having a Sharpie permanent marker on my person at all times – to graffiti products in a readable

 font size

I’ve put on black tights with a blue dress, for a business meeting, not the worst fashion mistake I have ever made.  I did have to claim I was a hipster, when everyone knows I am a Hippie  *grabs hula-hoop & hackeysack*

So who will stand with me, waving glasses prescriptions & unreadable shampoo bottles? We can start a revolution, as soon as these eye drops wear off I’ll make some posters.





The Hot Guys of Indie Rock by Colleen

It is music festival pre-season. *plays air guitar*  My inbox is dinging like a Vegas slot machine with music festival line-up posters and ticket sale dates.  It’s time to look at your vacation hours and sick time accumulation, cuz you will need both.  Dust off your felt hat, iron that American flag cape and start stocking up on hand sanitizer, it’s Music Festival Time!  *begins weaving a new flower crown*

 Coachella is a few short weeks away and my FOMO is at defcon level: triple espresso.  I have been internet searching  Festival clothing sites, That’s a thing & That’s Normal.  Is there a tie-dye threshold, how many bead & feather earrings/necklaces can I wear before being mistaken for a Quileute native from Forks?

But really, in the end – let’s just dance!

Music shaming is a life choice when you pretentious, snob pledge to Indie/Alternative music, or shop ONLY at Free People.  Let’s get into a prayer circle (don’t step on my flowy skirt) and take a good, hard look & listen to seriously HOT GUYS annnnd que up the music….

The Killers – Brandon Flowers & Bandscreen-shot-2015-04-11-at-6-54-09-pm




Yep – it’s me again Brandon!

A Mormon Dad of three young sons, living in Las Vegas – not the standard recipe for a bandhunk.  The Killers belt out hits that leave me exhausted from scream-singing  every song while including the jump, jump, jump dance move.  Danced to these guys 3x.

jump & point dance


 The Killers were featured in New Moon,”White Demon Love Song” #EGBTT

Recommended download:  Runaways

Death Cab for Cutie – Ben Gibbard & Band

These guys hail from Washington, and have had their music in tons of TV & Cinema.” Meet Me on the Equinox”  New Moon #EGBTT

Death Cab For Cutie.jpg


images (1)


Red cup cheers to you too – Ben.

Fun fact:  Ben, vocals, guitar, piano & writer, was married to Zooey Deschanel for a few years.  Deathcab makes me have all the feelings & my head~sway, wavy arm dancing is a sight to behold.  Danced to these guys 2x.

200 (1)


Recommended download:  Black Sun

Billy McCarthy – Augustines

The Augustines are a Brooklyn band, known to leave the stage and perform on the floor with the fans.



Yes, hello to you, Billy!



SRSLY – these guys are panty droppers.  It is a head-banging, dancefest with your closest friends!!! Danced to these guys 1x.


200 (2)source

Recommended download:  Nothing to Lose but Your Head

I could flex my musical muscles and be all sweary girl on you about what to download next – but if you show any interest, I’ll hunt you down & make you a music CD.  Ask Amy.

So let’s just look at the hotness:

Kings of Leon;  Caleb & Jared Followill

images (5)images (3)


source  source



These guys are backwoods Tennessee born & bred, with a Daddy that did tent preaching.  Rumors of bad boy behavior follow them around, placing them clearly in my squad.  I’m spinning in circles of incoherent dance moves to “Sex on Fire” supporting bad behavior, in a good way. duh. Danced to these guys 3x.

Download recommendation: Every song they have ever recorded

No matter how many drool worthy guys I see, there is ALWAYS the “cool girl in a band” and Lizzy from MS MR is my jam right now.  Danced to her 3x.

Lizzy & Max of MS MR

14-msmr.w750.h560.2x sourceMG15mewig Who wore it better?  *wears said wig to concert* Trying to impress stalk “Lizzie.”

 If you ever have the chance to see these New Yorkers live – DO IT, they are my kryptonite.



So grab a few cold ones, I’ll save you a seat ……*pats place on festival blanket*

festival blanket.jpg



I popped my cherry for live music at a David Bowie concert and became a Fangirl for life.  Bekah turned me onto “London Grammar” and I am without words, Katy & I have co-swooned to Mumford & Sons, I can’t even.   My Festival tour will begin with Coachella in April.  In fact I’ll be posting my GoFundMe account number so y’all can contribute in the form of neosporin and bandaids.  It would be a rare Festival I didn’t injure/cut my foot, fall/scrape my knees or scratch my arm/elbow.  I can use the left-over supplies when I get my hoverboard.

Who is your go-to band, are you a little bit country or a little bit rock & roll, or a little bit Bieber or One Direction????


BTW;  my license plate